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5ft Wavelight LED Display

Part Number: MSO-wavelight-led-5ft
Your Price: $1,105.00
Backlit Illumination

5ft Wavelight LED Display
The 5ft Wavelight LED Backlit Display
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The 5ft WaveLight® LED Backlit Display is a single-sided, wrinkle-resistant, dye-sublimation fabric print with Heise™ total blockout fabric on back. The fabric graphic snuggly zips around the aluminum tube frame and lights, which provide tension for a smooth finish. A zipper on the lower back of the blockout fabric provides easy access to the lights and running power cables.

Product Features:
  • (1) 5ft Flat Frame Straight, 2" (50mm) cold-drawn anodized aluminum 
  • (2) LED Light Arrays and 400W Power Supplies in Soft Molded Carry Cases
  • (1) Medium Nylon Bag - made from 100% recycled materials
  • (1) CA900 Hard Shipping Case/Counter with Black Wrap
  • (1) Graphic Print - recyclable polyester stretch backlit fabric, vibrant, wrinkle-resistant with Heise™ total blockout fabric on back
  • (1) Assembly instructions
  • Display Size: 62.21"W x 95.98"H
  • Total Weight Packed: 75 lbs
  • OPTIONAL: Add printed graphic wraps to your shipping cases for branded podiums
NOTE: Your Wavelight LED Display will generally arrive in two packages. 1 containing the hardware and another containing the graphic. This is done to expedite delivery time. You will only be charged for the hardware shipment portion of the order.

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