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6ft SuperStretch Table Cover

Part Number: RD-6ft-superstretch
Your Price: $189.00
Dye Sublimation Printed
6ft SuperStretch Table Cover
6ft SuperStretch contour style full color dye sublimation printed table throw cover
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SuperStretch fabric fits almost any table leg style with four way stretch material. Hemmed in leg cups keep cover secure on table feet. Full color dye sublimation print.

Over time this SuperStretch cover may become overstretched if used on a table wider than intended. Designed for use on standard 6ft wide tables with a depth of 27".

Product Features:
  • Contour style fit
  • Drapes on all four sides of table
  • For standard height 30" tall event tables that are 27" deep
  • Four way stretch fabric
  • Dye sublimation printed full color
  • Leg cups hemmed into material to secure to table
  • Machine washable
  • Flame retardant
  • Made in USA
Do not dry clean. Machine wash only on delicate cycle with delicate fabric detergent. Tumble dry on low or no heat setting. Steam out any wrinkles.

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