Flextile Modular Display

Flextile is a modular exhibit system that uses combinations of collapsible folding “tiles” with push fit silicone edge fabric graphics to create unlimited display configurations. No tools are required to assemble a Flextile display since every module simply “stacks” upon the previous. Working with “foot rods” and frame “connector rods” you can quickly set up your display in a matter of minutes.

NOTE: This blog article is also available for download as a PDF file as "FPPortable's Working With Flextile".

Assembling a straight Flextile 2x2 display

For this demonstration we will show you the set up for a basic 2x2 Flextile configuration. Assembly begins by unfolding your first tile. In most Flextile exhibits, each tile already has its graphic in position as shown. However, for the next steps we will show the framework without graphics to better illustrate hardware placement.

Flextile Display assembly diagram 1

Flextile Display assembly diagram 1 continued

Continue setting up your 2x2 Flextile as demonstrated in the diagrams below.

Flextile Display assembly diagram 2

Flextile Display assembly diagram 3

Flextile Display assembly diagram 4

The same process as shown above with no graphics on the framework is now shown here below with the graphics pre-installed onto each tile. This would be your normal set up. Not having to remove your graphics makes the Flextile so simple and fast to assemble!

Flextile Display assembly from start to finish

Flextile Frame/Tile Sizes

Flextile is available in three different module sizes:
  • 31.5” or 80cm Square
  • 39.375” or 100cm Square
  • 47.25” or 120cm Square
For a standard 8ft height display in the USA the 31.5” tile can be stacked three levels tall to create an exhibit that is 94.5” in height. Or, stacking two 47.25” tiles will create the same display height.

Flextile Frame Sizes

Stacking frames on top of each other can only be done using identical sizes.

Flextile Support Feet

Flextile Feet

Flextile Foot Orientation DiagramFeet are sold separately from Foot Rods. Therefore, you should always determine what orientation of foot you require so you can order the correct number of Rods.

Each Flextile foot has the ability to configure for your desired connection angle on your exhibit.

All standard feet have the diagram shown here on the base so you know how to connect your vertical supports for the angle needed. You just move your Foot Rods into the position shown for the angle you need before connecting your tiles. Angles are then held in place with the Top Brackets mentioned below.

Foot Plates have their own orientation options.

NOTE: Feet do not come with Foot Rod Connectors. Connectors are sold separately.

Straight and Angled Flextile Displays

Flextile has a variety of angles and connections available so you can create the display shape you need at your next event. The Top Brackets are available in three “standard” angles while additional brackets are available for more complex connections.

Flextile Angle Options

The illustration below explains how different Top Brackets can be used to create a range of exhibit shapes.

Flextile Configurations Possible

Flextile Graphics

Flextile is best used when each tile has its own individual push fit fabric graphic. This allows your display to be fully modular so tiles can be moved around as necessary to keep your exhibit looking fresh. You can also quickly change out one or two tile graphics without having to reprint your entire display when content needs to be updated. However, the Flextile system is so well engineered that you do have the option to have larger single graphics done!

Flextile Graphic Style #1
1 dye sublimation printed fabric push fit silicone edge graphic per tile frame section. The display can be single or double sided! This is the most common and recommended graphic style for Flextile. Using this method permits ultimate modular use.

Flextile Graphic Style 1

Flextile Graphic Style #2
1 dye sublimation printed fabric push fit silicone edge graphic to cover your entire display, or larger sections of your display. The display can be single or double sided!

Flextile Graphic Style 2

Flextile Graphic Style #3
1 dye sublimation printed fabric pillowcase double sided graphic to drape over the entire display framework. Please note that this method is only supported on straight display configurations. Angled displays do not support pillowcase graphics.

Flextile Graphic Style 3

What Will You Do With Flextile?

With so many different configurations possible using the Flextile system, your exhibit design is only limited to your imagination. Using straight walls and angles, you can construct inline displays, island displays, even complete rooms! And, each kit you design has the ability to be used as smaller elements.

Flextile Configuration Ideas

Examples of Flextile

Presented here are a few Flextile exhibits to illustrate how it can be incorporated into your trade show display or marketing plan in lobbies, halls, businesses, etc.

Example of a Flextile 10x20 Display

Flextile Display Banner System

Flextile Display with Single Graphic

Want to know more? Visit our Flextile Display page for pre-designed kits. Or give us a call to discuss a custom configuration.