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Flextile Display Graphics

Part Number: SP-flextile-graphics
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3 Sizes Available

Flextile Display Graphics
Dye sublimation printed individual fabric Flextile tile graphics with push fit silicone edges / Available in three sizes / If you need a larger print or pillowcase graphic please call
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Flextile display individual tile replacement printed graphics. Available in three sizes to compliment the three tile configurations. Be sure to select the correct size for your existing Flextile module.

Flextile graphics are dye sublimation printed on fabric and have hemmed push fit silicone edges to allow quick installation onto your display frame. All graphics have a rear black coating to prevent bleed of light from the back when not using your display as a double sided unit.

If you require multiple prints in different sizes, simply select your first size and quantity and add to the cart. Then, change the size selection and quantity and add to cart again until you have the prints needed.

Please note that when designing for multiple tile graphics that will be next to each other you should keep designs independent from one another. If you are planning to design a multi-tile display with images that span from one tile to the next please give us a call first to discuss the layout and requirements.

Product Features:
  • Printed to any of the three Flextile frame sizes: 31.5", 39.375" and 47.25"
  • Dye sublimation printed on fabric
  • Push fit silicone edge hemmed
  • Vibrant colors and quality
  • Can remain on your Flextile frame when collapsed
  • Machine washable
NOTE: If you have a Flextile configuration that requires larger prints to cover multiple tile areas, or need a double sided pillowcase print done for your exhibit, please give us a call. We can provide you with any Flextile graphic solution needed.

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