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Flextile Banner Stand Kit A

Part Number: SP-flextile-banner-kit-a
Your Price: $778.00
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31.5" x 95" Modular Display

Flextile Banner Stand Kit A
Flextile Banner Stand Kit A / comprised of three 31.5" square Flextile tile modules with individual push fit graphics per tile. You can also upgrade to double sided!
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Flextile modular displays are unlike anything you have seen before! Folding collapsible tiles that already have your graphics installed so you just need to stack them to set up your display!

Each kit can be reworked into different configurations using the parts on hand. For example, this 1x3 tile kit can also become a table top display using just two stacked layers instead of all 3! You can also place graphics on the back side to create a double sided banner. Need to expand your display? Simply purchase more tiles, graphics, feet, connecting rods and top connectors.

This Flextile Banner Stand Kit A is comprised of 3 Flextile frames that are 31.5" square. The frames are stacked in a 1x3 configuration with support feet.

No tools are required to assemble this display! Watch the video in the images section for a demonstration.

Product Features:
  • Assembled Size: 31.5" wide by 95" tall by 16" deep (with feet - tile frames are only 2" thick)
  • (3) 31.5" x 31.5" Flextile frames
  • (2) Flextile standard feet
  • (2) Flextile foot rods
  • (4) Flextile tile connector rods
  • (1) Flextile carry bags
  • (3) 31.5" x 31.5" push fit dye sublimation printed fabric graphics with silicone edges*
  • OPTIONAL: LED Lights, Shipping Case and additional Flextile frames, graphics and accessories available
*NOTE: Kit shown is priced/spec'd out to use a single graphic per tile section, which is the standard method of using this display. You have the option to choose a "single" push fit graphic to cover all tiles, two "single" push fit graphics to make a double sided banner, or a pillowcase double sided graphic that drapes over the entire frame. See options above or view the graphic templates for information. Please remember though that only single tile graphics can remain on the hardware when packing.

If you require additional graphics for your display you can order those items from the main Flextile page.

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