Expand Lightbox Portable displays are now available for purchase

Nothing is easier than setting up a no-tool require backlit display like the Expand Lightbox Portable!

A portable light box to make your message shine

With the Expand Lightbox Portable, your message and brand can stand out at any trade show or event - both large and small. it is easy to set up, take down, pack in the included nylong bag and put in your car to take to your venue.

Use double-sided graphics to communicate with light

There are many benefits to incorporating light into your display. Besides making your message shine, it attracts more people to your booth, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. If you choose to print on both the back and front of your graphic, you can illuminate your message in two directions - perfect in environments where viewers are constantly coming and going, such as island displays.

Great light distribution with LED

This backlit display is illuminated with custom LED lights, placed in the top and bottom profiles, to provide an evenly distributed glow behind the graphics. It has a low electric consumption which is good for the planet.

Use as a single backlit wall, or incorporate into your existing booth

The Expand Lightbox Portable can work as both a free-standing backlit wall, or as part of a bigger solution. you can choose to integrate it with a booth or mount it with Expand GrandFabric modules in any configuration. it's also possible to connect multiple Lightbox frames to each other. All you need to create an entire booth are support feet and connectors.

Do you already have an Expand GrandFabric Display?

Add an Expand Lightbox Portable to make your message shine a bit extra at your next event - it connects easily to your existing Expand GrandFabric walls.