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Embrace 6x3 15ft Display without ends

Part Number: OR-emb-6x3-no-ends
Your Price: $2,565.00
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Embrace 6x3 15ft Display without ends
6x3 15ft Embrace Push Fit Fabric Graphic Display without End Cap Wrap
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The 6x3 quad 15ft Embrace without ends is a beautiful exhibit that presents your brand cleanly at any event or trade show.

6x3 means your display frame is 6 quads wide by 3 quads high. Quads are the square sections that make up your frame configuration. The display "without ends" refers to the fabric graphic on the display. Graphics without ends cover the front of the frame only, leaving the short sides of the frame hardware exposed. This non end cap style can be used when positioning several Embrace units together in 90 degree angles to create unique display shapes. See images above for reference on ends and no ends. Each frame configuration is also available "with ends" so the sides of the frame are also covered with printed graphic material.

Product Features:
  • (2) 3x3 quad collapsible white frames with connectors
  • Includes stabilizer feet
  • Perimeter channel bars connect to frame and hold push-fit fabric graphics
  • Simple assembly / no tools required
  • Opaque fabric graphic with SEG beading without end caps / front coverage only / frame side hardware exposed
  • Dovetail on top hubs for LED light* connection
  • Carry bag included for most units
  • Assembled Dimensions: 178"W x 88.94"H x 23.25"D
  • Hardware Only Weight: 80 lbs
  • Graphics Only Weight: 7 lbs
  • Approximate Total Display Weight: 87 lbs
  • *LED Lighting is optional and sold separately
  • Optional shipping case available
The Embrace is available in a wide variety of sizes: Embrace 10ft Displays, Embrace 20ft Displays and also Embrace Table Top Displays

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