Update your display graphics today

We've all seen it happen when visiting LinkedIn for updates on our connections. Though not always, sometimes posts come scrolling through that are three to four weeks old and you discover that you are late to the game on important events or announcements. This can also look odd when you see items like "Happy Holidays" notices on the 13th of January like I did today. Somehow this modern social media technology hasn't figured out how to manage a simple feed to be current. Instagram has similar behavior.

Updated and current visual content is the key to successful marketing and this is no different when it comes to your trade show display printed material. However, you actually can control the freshness of your exhibit content and should do so on a regular basis. If you are attending the same events each year you should not be displaying the same graphics. Customers that recognize your exhibit from last year may feel that nothing has changed or advanced with your company and possibly not be interested in visiting you. Changing out your branding and imaging each year will ensure you are always displaying something fresh and exciting.

Making modifications to your display graphics can be as easy as updating a background image or slogan. Changes do not have to be complicated, just visually different. And, the costs associated with printing new graphics for exhibits is actually quite reasonable these days. Especially in the portable world.

Feed your audience something new each time you attend a show so they feel there is something new to discuss or discover.

As for those LinkedIn and Instagram feeds, perhaps some day an algorithm will be created that keeps content new. Or, even better, maybe they just go back to a feed that scrolls from "new to old" like it used to. But that's crazy talk!

Have a portable exhibit or custom display that could use some new graphics? Contact us today and we will be happy to assist you.