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Casonara Wavelight Pedestal

Part Number: MSO-casonara-c-p
Your Price: $635.00
360° Illuminated Graphic
Casonara Wavelight Pedestal
The Casonara Wavelight Backlit Lightbox Pedestal
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The Casonara Wavelight Backlit Lightbox Pedestal includes frame hardware, printed graphics, LED light arrays with power supplies and shipping case.

Simple assembly and very portable. Vibrant print quality 360° on all sides of the counter. Each graphic is hemmed with a black felt fabric top that becomes your working table surface as it covers the counter inserts below.

Product Features:
  • (1) 50M WaveLight Casonara Pedestal Counter Frame, Feet, & Countertop Kit
  • (1) LED Light Array Built In To Counter Top
  • (1) 100W Power Supplies in Soft Molded Carry Cases
  • 4-sided Backlit Pillowcase Graphic Print with black felt top (silicone edge insert on bottom for perfect fit)
  • (1) CA700 Hard Case with Wheels
  • Display Size: 19.7"W x 19.7"D x 41.4"H
NOTE: Your Casonara Wavelight Counter will generally arrive in two shipments. 1 containing the hardware and another containing the graphic. This is done to expedite delivery time. You will only be charged for the hardware shipment portion of the order.

Casonara Wavelight Displays also available in 20ft, 10ft, 8ft, 6ft and 3ft sizes for exhibit backdrops!

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